Paralyzed teen walks at commencement

And now your weekend commencement update:

Seven years ago next week, Garrett Bazany, then 15, performed a double front flip on his family’s trampoline. He landed on his head and woke up in the hospital, paralyzed from the chest down.

He thought his life was over.

He persisted through high school and went to college with a plan to be a physician’s assistant.

His name was the last one called on Saturday at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Then he walked to get his diploma.

Video at 2:04:50 here.

  • Gary F

    I’d give up one of my tickets for his family.

  • Jeff C.

    I’m going to tell my kids to stop doing flips on the neighbor’s trampoline.

    • jon

      There are something like 100,000 reported trampoline injuries a year in the US… there are 1 million stair related injuries each year in the US.*

      I wasn’t able to find information on deaths from trampolines, but stairs claim 12,000 lives each year in the US.

      So don’t let them do flips on the stairs either.

      *(totally bogus comparison because, I’m guessing, people interact with stairs more than 10 time more often than they do with trampolines…)

      • Jeff C.

        Also totally different benefits from the interactions. Interacting with stairs is a necessary part of life in our society. Interacting with a trampoline, while fun, is totally unnecessary.

        Truth be told, one of my nicknames in my household is, “The Guy Who Says ‘No’ to Fun”. Example: “Dad, can I jump off the garage roof and on to the trampoline?” “No.”

        • Gary F

          Friends of mine had to get their 16 year old son a couple dozen stitches in his arse on a Sunday night a few years ago because of one.

    • Thomas Mercier

      My insurance agent friend says there’s a reason almost all insurance policies exclude trampolines. If the actuaries find it too dangerous to cover, than I find it too dangerous too.

  • Jack

    Life is so good! Congratulations on not only finishing your degree but walking up to get it!