Man exchanges toes, ears for the freedom of Canada

Seidu Mohammed gave up a lot when he left Minneapolis, took a bus to Grand Forks, N.D., and walked to what he’d hoped would be the freedom he saw across the border in Canada on Christmas eve.

He lost all of his fingers and parts of both ears. Frostbite.

“My eyes was frozen. I can’t see anything, and we are walking on the highway. I was very terrified. I was about to give up,” Mohammed told MPR’s Dan Gunderson in February.

In exchange for his fingers and ears, Mohammed now has his freedom, the CBC reports today.

Mohammed, who fled Ghana for the U.S. because he’s bisexual, has been given permanent asylum in Canada.

Razak Iyal, shown in the photo above, has not yet heard whether he, too, will be allowed to stay in Canada.

He says his father, a strict Muslim, disowned him after he was caught with a man at a soccer practice facility.

Mohammed says doctors could have used his toes to replace his fingers, but he declined. He wanted to be able to play soccer again.

  • Al

    I can’t help but feel we’ve failed somehow, Minnesota.

    • X.A. Smith

      I think Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio can share some of that blame.

      • Al

        With us.

        • X.A. Smith

          That is what I said.

  • chlost

    It is quite a sobering concept to think that when Canada lists their status, it likely will state that they are fleeing the United States.

  • Jeff C.

    Another story that caught our attention until the next fiasco. Are people still fleeing the US in record numbers?

  • Craig P

    Wow, and to think my wife and I spent the night in Grand Forks on Christmas Eve night on our way to Winnipeg. We gladly would’ve given them a ride north…And IT WAS COLD and windy! And a blizzard Christmas night.