If bicycles sounded more like cars

Let’s hit the “Because it’s Friday” file.

“Eugene D.”, who’s been hit a few times while riding his bicycle in New York, went big when supplementing his bicycle bell.

Bicycle bells don’t scare anybody into paying attention. You know what does? A big air horn.

His story is documented today on City Lab:

Stepping off the curb looking into your phone is just insane in New York,” Eugene D. says. The horn cures all that—anytime Eugene activates it, it triggers a reaction in people like they just realized they’re walking into the path of a freight train. “It makes me laugh every time,” he says. Others, however, get super-pissed—note the man hollering around 1:45.

Eugene is unsympathetic. “It just hurts when you realize how unaware people are,” he says. “They think I’m the jerk for following the rules.”