Former White House photographer trolls Trump hand-holding

Whatever happened to Pete Souza, the White House photographer during the Obama years?

He’s still got lots of presidential photographs to publish and some shade to throw, as he did yesterday.

Holding hands.

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Photographers don’t need words.

It’s a subtle response to these:\

and this just in:

  • fromthesidelines21

    He’s a great follow on Instagram.

  • Noelle

    Pete’s been trolling the White House all year. It’s both kind of funny and disheartening that it’s sunk so low.

    • But, Pete’s not the one who is sinking the boat. 😉

    • I feel the same way. It’s amusing often, but somehow seems beneath a brilliant photographer who was the freakin’ WHITE HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHER. It makes me a little sad.

  • Gary F

    That should keep the Trump Derangement Syndrome in full gear for a few days at CNN.

  • lindblomeagles

    Trump might love the spotlight, ethics complaints, and the occasional row with the media and political opponents, but I’m sure that wasn’t what Melania signed up for when she married him. Still, Melania needs to be careful. Anybody asking Trump to have a heart has been fired, shmucked live on TV, or investigated by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    • jon

      1) I think Melania would love to get fired, especially if it comes with a pension.
      2) I think Melania is trying to maintain an air of independence… she knows she isn’t stuck in the same partisan world as trump has boxed himself into (with 50-60% of the country hating him, and 30-40% of the country believing he infallible.) She can still walk that line, but needs to maintain a level of distance from the president to do so… holding hands not a great way to maintain that distance, living in trump tower, away from the whitehouse, is a good way to do it.
      3) I think she also knows that no matter what happens she is likely to outlive him. Being tied to the legacy he is leaving isn’t a great prospect…