Canadians show true patriot love when microphone malfunctions

The online reaction to an otherwise sweet moment is quite the barometer for the divisions in America.

A typical response has been “would Americans do this?”

Maybe it was just a nice moment and leave it at that, America.

In Edmonton, the microphone went out just before the start of the Oilers – Anaheim Ducks playoff game last evening.

So country singer Brett Kissel turned to the crowd.

Would hockey fans in the U.S. be able to sing the Canadian National Anthem?

They’re hockey fans. Of course they would.

And they did.


  • Zachary

    Don’t they also post the words on the jumbotron?

    • Rob

      Yes, in French!

    • JB

      No…they don’t in Edmonton. I was at the game and my wife texted me from home and all she said was GOOSEBUMPS 🙂

  • Jack

    Remember the melody is an old English drinking song. That and if they’ve had to endure the American version of the Olympics tv coverage, they’ve heard it a million times…. 🙂

    • jon

      When I was in college we got both NBC and the CBC for olympic coverage.

      We watched the US vs Canada hockey game on both.

      While the US announcers said things like “The US team isn’t out of this game yet, not by a long shot.” the canadian announcers said “It’s pretty much all over for the US team here, they are really going to have to work to get back in this game.”

      It was a pretty interesting comparison.

  • Rob

    Huh. I thought “Take Off” by Bob and Doug McKenzie and Geddy Lee was the Canadian national anthem…

    • Greg W

      It’s a beauty way to go…

  • Jeff C.

    I wonder what percentage of the audience was American.

    • JB

      Well….as one of those at the game I would say not many. And contrary to what some have said…they don’t put the lyrics up in Edmonton.

  • Bob Sinclair

    There are other hockey games in Canada where the singer intentionally stops singing so the crowd will continue on. So much cooler than what passes for anthem singing here in the US.