1,000 Words: Behind the lens

I’ve always been fascinated by the perspective and reality photography can create and those occasions when it’s a bit distorted.

Today’s appearance by Sally Yates and James Clapper before the Senate subcommittee investigating alleged ties between Russia and administration officials in the Trump administration offers one such opportunity for photographic reflection.

It was an earnest and dignified environment captured by the image.


  • MrE85

    So it has always been. Sixty years ago, those would have been all white men wearing fedoras with “Press” cards in them, flashing bulbs on their Speed Graphics.

  • MrE85

    I have been in a couple of those media scrums. Some of those folk have sharp elbows.

    • Ben

      The two in the middle are interesting, going at it under the post. Is that part of the competition, getting that prime spot front and center?

  • crystals

    Sally Yates is totally boss.

  • Zachary

    Kudos to anyone who can stand that for any length of time. I think I would get claustrophobic in there.

  • LifebloodMN

    Kinda like those calm and every-one-is-happy family pictures.