Without a curse, a Cubs fan struggles with her identity

We tried to tell you, Chicago Cubs fans. The minute you won a World Series, you ceased to matter. You’re just another sports fan of a big money, winning team. You’re no big deal if you don’t suffer.

The curse is gone and so is your identity. You’re no longer losers. You’re no longer lovable.

Jeva Lange, a writer at TheWeek.com, gives voice to your new reality today with her audio opinion piece, “I already miss the Chicago Cubs curse.”

“Curses have power,” she says, “the power to bring entire cities together, to give fans something to live for, to join an audience of 40 million onlookers to witness the magic that comes with breaking free of something 108 years in the making.”

There are consequences to breaking a curse. The Cubs fans were particularly anointed.


“You’re suddenly indistinguishable from the rest,” she says. “Occasional winners. Occasional losers. Curseless.”

Lange acknowledges she’s got company in her suffering of the curseless: Red Sox fans lost their curse in 2004 and have been nothing to write home about ever since. Great ballpark. Average fans. Nothing special at all about them.

The team the Cubs beat in last year’s World Series — the Cleveland Indians — “are a story worth being a part of,” she says. They haven’t won anything in 68 years. Their fans — the cursed, the anointed, the special — are the lucky ones.

Maybe this reality will someday reach NPR host Scott Simon, who continues to offer his TV franchise a steady diet of stories about being a fan of the Chicago Cubs. As if anyone still cares.

Vikings, Wild, and Timberwolves fans: You don’t know how lucky you are.

  • Joe

    The Vikings have gone their entire existence without a title, 56 years. But they are not considered lovable losers. No one cares about them. So I don’t think it’s very comparable to the Cubs, or the Red Sox.

    The Wolves have only gone 28 years w/o a title, and the Wild a scant 17. if they keep it up for 80 more years, they might become noteworthy, but as of now they are even less of nobodies than the Vikings.

  • Gary F

    I’ll say this again, Cubs fans liked carrying that cross. They deep down really liked the angst. It was bonding, they wore that hat with pride. It bugged them that the south Chicago boys won one. It was a curse that was something special.

    Now what will they have to bitch about? Ketchup on a hot dog?

    • MikeB

      Boston fans did too. Then when the the Red Sox won they joined Yankee fans in their……………..YankeeFanNess

    • jon

      Chicago will always be able to (and justified in) bitching about ketchup on a hotdog.

      But So long as Minnesota chooses a path of ignorance, those of us living in this area will also always have the ability, and moral authority, to bitch about the segregation of the duck community in Minnesota.
      It’s Duck Duck GOOSE.

      • >>It’s Duck Duck GOOSE.<<

        Uh, nope.

        "Grey Duck", with the ability to deceive by using similar "GR" sounds, is a far better game.

        /Prefer "Duck, duck, Grey Goose" as a twist on the game…a lemon twist perhaps.

        • jon

          Judge not a waterfowl by the color of its plumage, but by the contents of its genome!

          • SPECIST!


          • Jerry

            I don’t think that is a word.


          • jon

            Dictionary.com says both are acceptable.

            Though I’ll point out they also suggest that the term has general intonation of favoring humanity over other species…

            Used as Onan has, any one who prefers beef to pork is a speciesist…
            Used as the dictionary reference describes it, anyone who eats factory farmed beef or pork is a speciesist…
            I merely content that we shouldn’t judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree…

            I further contend that a goose can achieve a higher land speed and has a temperament more suited to chase people (do an “I’m feeling lucky” search on google for “attacked by a duck” the result is a video of some one being attacked by a goose!) while hissing and being generally pissed off as it does.

      • Jerry

        I believe in fully celebrating harmless regionalisms. Except for those that call all carbonated beverages Coke. That is messed up.

      • KariBemidji

        {{throws off mittens}} it’s Duck Duck Grey Duck, you monster. 🙂

  • Jim in RF

    Cubs fans remind me of what Churchill said about Montgomery: “In defeat, unbeatable; in victory, unbearable.”

  • Zachary

    This will be our year Washington Generals! I know it!

  • Jay T. Berken

    At least Minnesota is not Ohio whom have double the teams…

  • Ben

    MN sports teams aren’t cursed, we just suck.

    • Jerry

      According to an earlier post, it’s all our taxes fault.

      • Nobody read the study obviously . He didn’t say ALL, and the primary problem is a failure to attract free agent talent.. I have this program which shows what percentage of the NewsCut audience reads to any point in a post. The percentage of people who read to the end is frightening and reveals that we’re all doomed.

  • I have never taken it for granted that I can afford to attend many Wolves and Twins games solely because they are so terrible. I am excited for both teams to be winners, but am bummed to think about not being able to go to as many games.