To volunteer during Super Bowl week, jump through hoops

A few decades ago, when network game shows were taped in New York City and I happened to live there, I went to a taping of one whose name I can’t remember. It was a silly and brainless show. Does that narrow it down for you?

Everyone in the audience wanted to be a contestant. So they told us that in order to be picked, we’d have to applaud hard and shout loud during the next episode (they taped many episodes on this day).

People — game show lemmings — shouted loud and applauded hard because they believed this is how contestants are picked for upcoming shows. The fools.

I had a flashback to that today when Chad Greenway sent this email to those who’ve signed up to volunteer — I was one — during next winter’s Super Bowl.

Captain Chad Greenway wants YOU for Crew 52’s Volunteer Team!

The 2017 NFL Draft is just around the corner. It’s time to put together my volunteer team for Super Bowl LII.

I’m looking for the best and the boldest volunteers Minnesota has to offer to welcome more than a million visitors to the Bold North. I’ll need 10,000 kind and passionate individuals, who can help us extend that warm welcome to our visitors, and who can commit to three or more shifts during our 10-day festival.

Do you have what it takes? Let’s see it. Be a part of the Crew 52 Volunteer Draft!

Download the sign at the bottom of the page and tell me why you’re the next Crew 52 draft pick, then snap a picture and share on your social media accounts using the hashtag #Crew52.

The more you share, the more chances I’ll have to see it. Remember, I’m looking for the best and the brightest. Get creative!

If you haven’t signed up yet to volunteer for Super Bowl LII, start by filling out the online application. If you’ve already applied, print the sign and fill out the reason I should choose you for my team! I’ll keep an eye out on my social media account to see what you’re saying.

See you in the #BoldNorth!


Well, OK.


  • MikeB

    Waiting for the announcement for how much $ you will have to put down for your Personal Volunteer Licenses

  • Eric

    So not only do they want the proles to volunteer to entertain the 1%, they want to use us to promote their event. It must be nice to be so entitled.

  • Jerry

    Truly, you are a Minnesotan.

  • Do they really have the luxury of being picky when it comes to drafting that many volunteers?

    • BReynolds33

      Yes. Unfortunately.

  • Christin Crabtree

    Got the same email this morning and decided I don’t want to volunteer THAT much

    • Bonnie

      Same here.

  • Barton

    …another reason to consider being out of town the week before the game….

  • Jack Ungerleider

    First rule of recruiting volunteers: Don’t make it too difficult. As is my want I decided to crunch some numbers to determine if they would have an issue getting their desired 10,000. My opinion: they won’t have a problem. According to Wikipedia the capacity of the stadium is officially 66.665 (why couldn’t they add one more seat?) So assuming that they “sell out” all 8 regular season games that means 533,320 people will have attended those games. If just 2% of those people are overly motivated to be part of the “Super Bowl LII experience” then they’ll have 10,666 (I knew I could get that number in here somehow 8^) rabid Vikings fans with no problem responding to Greenway’s request. Are they the people I’d want representing “us” to the rest of the world? Maybe not, but I’m sure they are the ones the NFL wants.

    • Your math assumes that different people attend each game.

      It also assumes they’d want all the people who go to Vikings game representing Minnesota on the streets. :*)

      • Jack Ungerleider

        I knew you’d bring that up. 8^) The justification for using the total non-unique attendance number is that I would expect that the more games you attend the more likely you are to respond in a positive way to Greenway’s request.

        As I said in the last line of the previous comment, I believe the NFL wants the Minnesota NFL fan to be the ambassador for Minneapolis for the Super Bowl.

        • Bonnie

          I have season tix and go to most games, and I say thanks but no thanks.

    • BJ

      I would guess very few season ticket holders will end up volunteering. Lots of other NFL fans in town will though.

  • Jaime Riotmuffin

    Hahaha, well done 🙂

  • John


  • Brian Simon

    Is there a like button?

    Well done

  • Maybe we can go down there and show the visitors why we are the State of Hockey?

    /And yes, I know the WIld lost…


  • Jeff

    Good plan! Almost everyone likes Nirvana and makes you a little hip. I’m sure Greenway will pick up on it.