Timberwolves miss playoffs again, but at least there’s a new logo

Some NBA cities are getting all jazzed up for the excitement of the NBA playoffs.

And then there’s Minneapolis, where the local team has missed the playoffs for a 13th consecutive year.

So we get a new logo, which will be unveiled on Tuesday.

Oh, it’s more than a logo, people.

Last night, the Timberwolves blew a four-point lead with under a minute left, losing to the third-worst team in the league.

Blame the old logo.

  • BReynolds33

    I feel like the guy from the agency said the word color about 50 times, then called us a frozen wasteland, then pandered to us because we’re so rugged.

    • Well, if I want to design a logo that shows the state of Minnesota, I hire a branding company from Mississippi, for sure.

      The guy said they wanted a color that shows the characteristic of the team.

      What color says “we don’t want to play defense”?

      • jon


        Best used on a flag.

      • X.A. Smith

        What color says “15-30 playoff record”?

  • Gary F

    Twins got new uniforms last year and look where that got them.

    • Jeff

      5-1 this year and on their pennant drive. I need to set aside some vacation time for October.

      • This place is right on the subway line and will take you right to the ballpark. Good prices, too.


        • Al


        • Jeff

          Cleveland has a subway?

          • Light-rail, I guess.

          • Jeff

            Too bad they wasted all that money on light-rail when they could have been building more highways. (off-topic sarcasm)

          • Ha. Well Cleveland’s a railroad town to begin with so I presume that helped.

          • Jack Ungerleider

            Speaking of railroads, the Cleveland Amtrak station is in the shadow of whatever they call the stadium that the Browns allegedly play football in. I remember one time going out to NY the weekend before Thanksgiving we pulled into the Cleveland around 6:30AM and there were already people in the parking lot. Those people are crazy!

          • You know who else has light rail right to a ballpark?

        • Gary F

          I was there, back when it was called Jacobs field. Watched two games. One game I got my picture taken with the drummer in center field. Nice ballpark. Would have even been better if I didn’t turn my ankle in a hole in the sidewalk that was supposed to have a turn signal. Cleveland city works should have had a sign over it. I was too busy watching the planes come into the airport close to the stadium.

          • It was a beautiful ballpark; part of the inspiration for Target Field. Then they put up that monstrosity in the upper deck in right to cover up all the empty seats.

      • Gary F

        So in two seasons the T Wolves might have a good start?

  • Jeff

    I’m questioning my sanity for staying up to 11 to watch a meaningless game and thinking they were going to win. They did seem to play hard. The supermodels were out in force, maybe that’s what turned the game around for LA.

  • Tim

    At least we hockey fans have another 2-4 weeks before we’re disappointed.

  • X.A. Smith

    If the new design is as good as that promo video, then I don’t know what to tell you.

    • tboom

      A minute and 48 seconds of nothing.
      What a load of BS. Well paying BS, but BS none the less.

      Maybe they should get rid of the pine trees like the Twins, that worked out well.

  • lindblomeagles

    I actually like the current Wolves logo and uniform, but, teams, even losing teams, need to make money too. I keep asking myself, what’s really wrong with the Timberwolves? Why can’t they turn the corner? The Wolves have a lot of nice role players, but they lack that transcendental star that draws all 5 guys to him on a nightly basis. Maybe somebody on this team will become that guy. But at the present moment, that guy isn’t here.