The idyllic life in Red Lake County

There was nothing really new in CBS On the Road correspondent Steve Hartman’s piece this week on Chris Ingraham, who moved to Red Lake County after declaring it the worst place to live in America.

But it’s another chance to see the high falutin’ East Coast media pay attention to us, even if it is to profile a high falutin’ East Coast media guy living the good life in flyover country.

Though he moved to the real America, he’s still got his trolls.

  • Gary F

    What’s he doing saving that little walleye?

    • Will

      That’s borderline, if you already have some of a similar size and you’re struggling to catch anything of size then you hang on to it. I’d probably not keep it as my first fish or if you’re catching decent sized ones. If they’re all that size and you only catch one every 2-3 hours I might keep it.

    • Rob

      Right? I thought it was a baitfish at first. : )

  • Rob

    Ice-fishing in a peacoat? Dude!

    • Geezer44

      Yeah, take a trip to Cabelas!!

      • Angry Jonny

        Cabelas? What do you think this is, Edina?

    • crystals

      I’m still hung up on the story calling it an ice shanty – my mind can’t handle the pea coat just yet.

  • Jamison S.

    I admire him for taking a chance and moving to a lifestyle that is so different than what he was used to. However, one thing the stories about Chris gloss over is that he’s able to do what he did because he has a good paying job that he can do remotely. Most of us don’t have that luxury to take a chance on leaving a major city.