Minneapolis’ purple lights throws shade on St. Paul

The purple tributes to Prince on the anniversary of his death are — not surprisingly — artistically inspiring and delightful. Unless you live in St Paul.

Rarely has the lack of whimsy and personality in the Capital City been more obvious than today’s Twitter feeds.

Minneapolis? Minneapolis knows how to light itself up.

So cool. So sweet. So inspiring. So not St. Paul.

St. Paul? One sign.

Garrison Keillor once described Minneapolis as “white bread” to St. Paul’s “pumperknickel.” He was so wrong.

Why must you be so boring, St. Paul?

  • Rob

    Meh. St. Paul may not be going all out visually to honor Prince’s passing, but let us not forget that 89.3 The Current – which is situated smack dab in the middle of St. Paul – is doing a veritable Princeapalooza, broadcasting 24 solid hours of Prince tunes. Take that, Minneapolis!

  • Gary F

    Meh. I’m no fan of my mayor, but at least my mayor was not rated the 2nd worst big city mayor in the country like Minneapolis has. St Paul just boring old MPR.

    • The Observer

      Owned by Jared Kushner

      Solid editorial product there.

      • Gary F

        Just like all the top ten lists for best city, state, etc, Biased.

    • Barton

      totally biased product. But quite a few of my progressive Dem friends and myself were talking just the week before about how ineffective she appears… and how much we are looking forward to a potentially new mayor.

      (most of us have had the Nicollet Mall re-do/boondoggle directly impact our work life).

      • Jerry

        She’s the Minneapolis city mayor. Being ineffective comes with the office. She just doesn’t have the charisma Ryback has to hide it.

        • Barton

          I think that may be the issue: the lack of charisma we were used to with Ryback. Well, that is stereotypically MN’tan so maybe that should make it okay.

      • Gary F

        kinda like most of the Dems in St Paul will be voting for someone besides Coleman in governors primary.

  • MrE85

    Having once working on having bridge and building lights turned turquoise to honor women with lung cancer, I can tell you it’s pretty complex. Each bridge/building has a different organization or agency (sometimes more than one) in charge. Also, only the structures with a certain type of newer LED light system can do this.

  • Saint Paul is a little lame in the LED lighting category, for sure. What could be lit up?

    • MrE85

      MPR’s Prince-themed fundraising pitch got some people lit up.

    • Gary F

      Years ago, people who thought it was cool to live downtown but then didn’t like all night lighting, so we should be considerate to them and not have any.

      And, with all the clear cutting of ash trees, the will be no trees to block the bright lights.

      • MrE85

        The cutting of the trees is a bug, not a feature.

        • Paul


    • Lafayette Bridge.
      The huge MPR atrium
      The Capitol
      The Cathedral
      The St Paul Ecolab Whatever They’re Calling It This Week building
      3M building
      CHS Field
      The Kelly Inn :*)

      • Barton

        The Landmark Building would look WONDERFUL lit up! As would Rice Park (the trees and such, like they do in winter).

    • Bob Sinclair

      How about the people? Then St Paul wouldn’t be so boring. Or need their sleep.

  • Jamison S.

    Eh, we just don’t have as many cool things that light up like Minneapolis. I’m not sure some of the buildings that you listed below can even change colors without a lot of work. Still glad to see all the purple where it can be done.

    • Well, they just built the Lafayette and decided not to put decorative lighting in. The Capitol just underwent restoration and I assume the decision was similarly made. So, sure, they can’t . There’s no desire to. The Cathedral, is beautifully lit during Crashed Ice.

      But, yeah, given the opportunity to add the feature, the St. Paul institutions passed. Too bad.

      But, hey, we’ve got a practice rink for the Wild as the centerpiece of our downtown, so…

  • Joe

    I thought everyone agrees St. Paul is more boring than Minneapolis. The people I know who live there think so, and many treat it as a feature.

    • Josh Ruhnke

      Keep St. Paul Boring.

  • Josh Ruhnke

    Most people who live in St. Paul go to sleep before it gets dark, so no one would have seen the purple lights anyway.

    • “St. Paul, the city that needs its sleep.”

  • LifebloodMN

    If Prince was here he’d be in St. Paul because it is a ghost town

  • Kassie

    The part of this post is I’m seeing it shared on Facebook and people from St. Paul are being all hurt and offended. St Paul takes their commitment to being the Eeyore of the metro very seriously.

    • Kassie

      Wow, I got three upvotes on this and just re-read the first sentence and it is nonsense. Let’s try that again… “The part I like the most about this post is I’m seeing it shared on Facebook….”

      • Jerry

        Everybody loves a good dig at St. Paul (except people from St. Paul).

  • AFishinMN

    The problem with St. Paul is that it’s too much government (Ramsey County seat as well as – of course – the state). God forbid anyone in government and/or politics make a statement of an sort that could potentially show wasting time/wasting money/honoring one person over another/playing favoritism/acknowledging anything sexy/etc. etc. etc.

    • Ummm… we’re talking about purple lights. And much of the Mpls lit infrastructure was built with the help of government.

  • Al