Duck, Duck Gray Duck vs. Duck, Duck Goose in August tilt

Sad news, St. Paul baseball fans. We’ve missed out on our chance to pick up some slick jerseys worn by the St. Paul Gutteral Uff Da’s.

That’s one of the names that didn’t make the cut in a St. Paul Saints April Fool’s joke in which the team announced it would play each of its 50 home games as a different name.

But the team narrowed the list of names submitted to five finalists, according to a press release today. Along with the Uff Da’s was theSt. Paul Holy Buckets, Minnesota Nice, and Minnesota Cabin Goers.

Oh and the eventual winners.

In a landslide, with more than 1,000 “likes,” St. Paul Duck, Duck Gray Ducks outdistanced itself from the other four. Per a fans suggestion the Saints decided to ask the Railroaders if they would change their name to the “Duck, Duck Goose” for a night and a one game rivalry was born. Following the game the two teams will battle it out in an actual game of Duck, Duck Gray Duck (this is Minnesota, so Duck, Duck Goose will not be allowed).

Cute, but nowhere near as great as the Gutteral Uff Da’s could’ve been.

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