Complaint: ‘Missing’ Minnesota 16-year-old girl wasn’t missing

The mother and grandparents of a Montgomery, Minn., woman has been charged with falsely reporting her “missing,” the Mankato Free Press reports.

The report that Audrey Marie Luke was missing prompted additional attention because of Kenyon police chief Lee Sjolander’s heartfelt plea for her to return home.

She was later “found” in Duluth and returned home.

The Free Press says a criminal complaint reports that Audrey contacted police the day after the post drew widespread attention and said her mother, Tiffany Lukes, knew she wasn’t a runaway but was in Duluth.

The complaint said Audrey had returned home several times to retrieve clothes and that her grandparents had given her money, according to the woman.

(h/t: Audrey Helbling)

  • Anna

    So many people are seeking their 15 minutes of fame via social media you don’t know what to believe anymore.

    • Jerry

      What does social media have to do with this?

      • Laurie K.

        I agree, there is nothing in the story that talks about the family using social media. Not sure where the assumption that they were seeking fame via social media is coming from.

  • lindblomeagles

    First, it is a blessing she was in Duluth and not actually missing (or, as it turns out, with mom). Second, I’m going to be slow in passing judgment. Too many details are missing for me. Obviously, the girl was in Duluth for a reason (from the story, it seems like grandma gave her money to travel back and forth from Duluth to Montgomery). Mom may have some mental health issues that we’re currently unaware of, and may be mom’s mental health is the reason her daughter was in Duluth. Bob did an excellent job covering mental illness issues last year. Let’s let this story play out a bit.