A package thief in action

There was a time — a long time ago — when packages wouldn’t be delivered without a signature. If you weren’t home, you made a deal with the neighbors and left a note for the delivery person.

Back then there weren’t people like this woman driving around neighborhoods, as she did this week in St. Paul’s Como neighborhood, stalking the delivery truck.

Tim Hanwick, who called our attention to the video his security camera made, says the package had only been delivered about 5 minutes before she showed up.

(Video link)

She’s obviously done this before, which might account for report from Hanwick that there’s been an uptick in package thefts recently.

Do that thing you do, Internet.

Here’s the full video.

What can be done to prevent this sort of thing? MPR News wrote a story in December on how to keep your packages safe in an age of “porch pirates.”

More information: Here’s how to keep your packages safe in an age of ‘porch pirates’ (MPR News)