Your daily dose of adorable

We will always drop whatever we’re doing on NewsCut when adorable comes along and though we provided an update yesterday on Robert Kelly and his family — the guy who was on the BBC when his daughter came into his home office — the adorb-o-meter was pinned again today when the family held its news conference to get the media off its back so they can get back to normalcy.

Pro tip: Being adorable isn’t going to expedite the process one bit.

Photo: Yelim Lee/AFP/Getty Images Photo: Yelim Lee/AFP/Getty Images Photo: Ha Kyung-min/Newsis via AP Photo: Ha Kyung-min/Newsis via AP Photo: Yelim Lee/AFP/Getty Images

Kelly took a lot of heat on social media, which criticized him for pushing his daughter away in the initial video.

“I was not shoving Marion out of the way,” he said at today’s news conference. “I was trying to slide Marion behind the chair because we have toys and books in the room.”

Meanwhile, an editor for the Wall Street Journal reported the paper’s exclusive interview with Kelly yesterday was the most viewed story in the Journal’s online history.