When the cool kids care

Your daily dose of sweetness comes from Steve Hartman,who got the story from Florida’s Sun Sentinel newspaper, which found some kids in Florida who were “starved for company” at lunch time.

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  • kevins

    Nice! Colorless! Human!

  • Jack

    “They can teach us adults too.” Well said Steve.

    Think about neighborhoods a person moves into where the new person is ignored.

    This one hits very close to home on the job. I came very close to walking off of the job three years ago as I had changed jobs and couldn’t make the connection at work with the individuals that I was located with (my co-workers were all virtual). It took a business trip where I carpooled to make the connection that kept me from leaving. Before that, my closest relationship was with the maintenance team (which I continue to keep up).

    • Kassie

      Every day I hope no one comes by my desk while I’m eating lunch on the few days I don’t have a lunch meeting. All I want most days is some time alone.

      • Jack

        I totally agree with you. I was never looking for a lunch partner but more interaction with members of a very close knit group.

        Now I’m one of the old guard and make a point of getting to know the newer employees so I can at least greet them in the hallway.