When life gives you toads, make toad hats

Chris Newsome, of Jacksonville, Ala., didn’t think much of the toad on his porch one evening. But when it returned the next night, he figured it could use a little dressing up.

Newsome likes hats, so he made a hat for the toad.

Mr Toad getting a hat

And then he gussied it up. The toad seemed to like it.


Newsome says he started making the hats and taking pictures to cheer up a kid he knew who lost his pet toad.


A lot of toads might be embarrassed by this sort of thing. Not this toad.


Newsome posted a few pictures on Reddit, where the idea took off. So he’s now set up a Twitter account and is taking requests for what sort of hat to make next for the toad.

When the cold weather arrived in Alabama, the toad hit the road. But Newsome is still making hats.

“I just enjoy hearing that people are laughing,” Chris tells the Birmingham News. “That’s the whole point.”

(h/t: Fiona Quick)

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  • MrE85

    Thanks, this is just what I needed. Stay weird, Mr. Newsome. America needs you right now.
    We have toads in our backyard (amphibians are a sign of a healthy ecosystem, they also eat the slugs that attack our hostas), I should consider making hats for them.

  • Zachary

    The toad is super chill about the whole thing. He’s like “go ahead, make me a hat. I’ll be the sharpest dressed toad around, and then I’ll hop away.”

  • Rob

    What a day brightener! I’ve got a sudden urge to break out Wind in the Willows.

  • Gary F

    Will PETA get their undies in a bunch over this?

    • Rob

      Only if Newsome puts the toad in some Victoria’s Secret scanties.

      • crystals

        Or skins it and makes a tiny coat out of it.

        • Rob

          Thanks for that image

  • Bob Sinclair

    No puns yet about toadstools?

    • Rob

      You just did!

  • rallysocks

    I absolutely love the effort he has put in to making the hats…and his attention to detail!