Whatever happened to Jourdan Duncan?

Courtesy of the Washington Post, let’s check back in on Jourdan Duncan, the Florida California kid given a lift by a police officer while walking to his job packing boxes.

He was befriended by Cpl. Kirk Keffer, who pooled money with other officers to buy the kid a bike, cutting his daily commute to an hour.

“I was taken aback. There are not too many kids these days who will walk five hours to go to work and are saving money for college,” Keffer said last fall.

Fast forward.

The police organized a GoFundMe drive to get the young man enough money for a car. It raised over $40,000.

But young Jourdan didn’t splurge.

He found a 2003 Volkswagen Passat on Craigslist for $2,900. That gave him more money for college.

He started his first semester at Solano Community College in January.

“I was so used to kids my age and everything,” he tells the Post. “Here, they carry themselves more with pride, with care and everything. It just made me feel like, okay, I have to step up to the plate.”

He still works the night shift while going to school, hopes to transfer to a four-year school, major in engineering, and then try to get into the police academy.

  • Ben

    Nice! Thanks for the follow up. Makes you wonder how many more Jourdan’s are out there walking along the side of the road.

  • Zachary

    I’m a little puzzled as the path of Engineering then to Police Academy, seems like an extra step. But, still, much props to this guy.

    • jon

      Yeah, that struck me as a little strange for a plan to get into a career.

      But sometimes having those weird cross occupation things is handy… I work in IT with people who got their degrees in marketing, russian studies, and religious studies… makes my electrical engineering work in college look down right related to the field.

    • Jack Ungerleider

      Think of it as a “fallback” if the whole Police officer thing doesn’t work out. 8^)

  • rallysocks

    This makes me so happy…

  • Gary Leatherman

    FYI it was in California, not Florida. (Sorry, my bias against Florida is strong 🙂

    • I should never write from memory anymore. Those days are gone.

  • Dave S.

    As a former 2003 Passat owner, I can confidently assert that he will need the remainder of the $40K for repairs.