La Crosse teen saves student choking on a cheese curd

Kids, here’s a tip.

If your friend is in danger of choking to death, try not to throw up your hands and walk away because it’s grossing you out.

Also, learn the Heimlich maneuver.

This kid in La Crosse, Wis., did.

(Video link)

The hero here is Ian Brown, a freshman at Central High School, which posted the video on the school’s Facebook page. Brown learned the Heimlich maneuver as part of his first aid training as a Police Explorer with the La Crosse police department.

As a commenter said, “Way to be clutch, Ian.”

How Will Olson, the young man choking, came to the moment is a uniquely Wisconsin story. He was eating a cheese curd.

  • Gary F

    Its WISCONSIN! This probably happens at least a couple times a week. Or more.

    • tboom

      I’ve always heard cheese curds are bad for your health.

      • Jerry

        That’s why you’re much safer eating Cheez™.

  • Anna

    This is why every person including elementary children should learn first aid.

    Ian was there at the right time and knew what to do. How many of us out there can say that?

    Spring and summer are upon us and the hazards that go along with vacations.

    Do you know first aid?

    • Gary F

      0-1 on CPR.
      And in nineth grade when we all thought it was cool to chew on toothpicks. I was choking on a frayed one and everyone thought it was funny while i was down on one knee really starting to panic when one guy was smart enough give me the Heimlich. Thanks Scott.

  • PaulK

    Are we so inured to security cameras that having one focused on a few lunch tables at a high school is no big deal? Big Brother indeed.
    And kudos to the kid who knew his first aid basics.