In Kanabec County, ‘we have cows’

An odd thing happened while a Kanabec County sheriff’s deputy was looking for a cow in the road on Highway 23 on Monday night. He hit it. It turns out the cow was in the road on Highway 23, the Pioneer Press reports.

“I’d have to say this is the first time I’ve ever had them hit the animal they’re looking for,” Kanabec County Sheriff Brian Smith told the newspapers. “But then again, that’s exactly why we go look for them. I’ve been to too many serious accidents and even fatalities caused by livestock on the road.”

The cow totaled the cruiser.

It also was killed.

  • Hitting a cow could be much worse than a deer – more mass. On the plus side, cows don’t exactly dart out of the ditch in front of you, so if you are attentive to your driving you may stand a chance to see them and stop in time.

    • jon

      outwest, in open grazing areas, I’ve seen bovine* bolt… They can move surprisingly quickly.

      One ran alongside our car for a 100 feet or so… we were doing around 20 mph at the time (slowed down for the cattle around the road).

      *didn’t stop to check their gender.

  • MrE85

    Welcome back, Bob.

  • Zachary

    This is why we have the Mooove over law…


  • Gary F

    Poor reporting. No mention if it were a Holstein, Hinterwald, or a Hereford. It matters.

    • FAKE MOOS!

      • Bob Sinclair

        I have a beef with that remark.

    • Sam M

      Sounds like that would profiling to me.

      • Bob Sinclair

        Only if its standing sideways.

  • RBHolb

    If anyone was wondering how you would do a Dragnet/Far Side crossover, I think we’ve got it.

  • Kassie

    22 people are killed by cows every year! Cows are dangerous jerks.

  • Will

    I wonder if the cow went airborne, because that would be a high steaks situation…

  • tboom

    It really bothers me every time I see a news story where law enforcement is chasing cattle on a road with a police cruiser, clearly “cattle herding” is not taught in law enforcement school and none of those officers ever grew up on a farm. When a cow starts running it’s just going to keep going. Slowly and calmly walk to the opposite side of where you want the cow or herd to go, lots of standing and occasionally repositioning yourself in front of any cow that decides to walk in your direction, they’ll eventually decide to walk the other way. Remember they’re herd animals once one cow moves the rest will follow. This works for cows, heifers and steers; if you’re dealing with a bull don’t let anyone near him, call in an expert and keep your shotgun handy.