Golfers to show a little leg

Avert your eyes, golf purists.

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The PGA is going to allow its golfers to wear shorts, it was announced this week.

The golf association isn’t going whole hog on the idea, however. It will still require its players to wear full pants when playing non practice rounds.

“‘This is my job, my occupation. And we lend ourselves to corporate America, which doesn’t go to work in shorts,” golfer Jim Furyk said. On the other hand, the PGA championship this year will be played in 90-degree weather, most likely.

What’s next, though? Collarless shirts? Sneakers?

“I’ve never understood the objection to shorts in pro golf. Are they really so bad? Is the male leg that objectionable?” the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay asks in a column today. ” Are there people within the sport who believe that legalizing shorts is a slippery slope, one that will lead to untucked shirts in golf, then collarless shirts in golf, and then shirtlessness in golf, and then Speedos in golf, thongs in golf, and then, eventually, nude golf?”


“Historically, and sometimes pathetically, golf has taken forever to catch up to the rest of society, but you can’t stop this march of progress: Shorts are coming, people,” he warns. “Maybe not cargo shorts. I think we’ll see legal marijuana on the PGA Tour before legal cargo shorts. It’s a shame, but I can hold my keys and half-eaten turkey sandwich in my bag, and return the box turtle peacefully to the wild.”

  • Jerry

    Is there any sport that works better as a background noise for napping?

    • Rob

      Jinx! I have spent more than one Sunday afternoon starting to watch The Golf, only to be snoozed out shortly thereafter.

    • >>Is there any sport that works better as a background noise for napping?




      • Jerry

        Baseball is best for napping outside in a hammock after mowing the lawn. Golf is better for Sunday afternoons.

        Hockey should only be enjoyed in person and ignored at all other times. :p

        • Zachary

          isn’t there an old joke about going for a walk and a game of golf broke out?

          • A good walk wasted.

          • Jack Ungerleider

            The quote as I know it is often attributed to Mark Twain:
            “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”

            The Quote Investigator provides alternate, more likely sources for the quote at:

          • I knew golf wasn’t for me when I once lost a ball — it was in Copake, NY, to be specific — while putting.

          • Jack

            I’ve always wondered how the ball can be found after travelling such a long distance. Hence – why I’ve never taken up the sport.

          • Jerry

            That is not an issue if you don’t hit the ball very far.

          • Jerry

            My family’s way of keeping score while golfing is to compare the number of golf balls found vs the number lost.

          • Jack Ungerleider

            That takes talent.

          • Rob

            per Mark Twain: Golf is a good walk spoiled.

        • I tried to get Wild tickets on StubHub. Cheapest seat: $100. Hockey has told me it’s not interested in me anymore.

          • Zachary

            Go the College route. Cheaper, but just as awesome!

          • No beer in Mariucci.


          • Zachary

            But with awesome hockey – you don’t need beer. Or so I have been told…

          • Yeah, but still…

            /Pre-game festivities abound

          • FWIW: The Wild raised prices this year.

            Also, I can get you less expensive tickets if you really want to go to a game.

          • Tim

            Depending on who they were playing, I’m not surprised — they’re really good this year, and they have a pretty dedicated fanbase on top of that.

        • Jack Ungerleider

          I used the televised hockey game the other night to avoid watching the President’s speech to Congress. (For the record I rarely watch Presidential speeches regardless of the occupant of the office.)

          • As did I, it’s was quite a finish (the game, not the speech).

          • Jack Ungerleider

            I made it to the 2nd intermission and then just shutoff the TV to take care of other things.

  • Rob

    First, Bob C., the headline isn’t accurate, as Women’s PGA golfers show plenty of leg.

    Ah, the problems of the 1%ers — I mean, pro golfers. “We lend ourselves to corporate America, which doesn’t go to work in shorts.” Geez, Furyk, if most of corporate America worked outside when it’s 80 degrees and sunny, you can damn well bet that they’d be working in shorts.

  • Zachary

    Golf would be much more exciting if… um… let me think…
    ex-hockey players trying to save Grandma’s house? Wacky Caddies?
    hmm… nope.
    That’s all I got.

  • JonasGrumby

    I starting wearing wearing shorts to work a long time ago.

  • Barton

    Just make them go traditional: Kilts with nothing underneath it. Then the 5 second tape delay so on windy days some technician can blur out the unmentionable bits.