Dylan’s cheesy Wisconsin song up for auction

Can Bob Dylan really be claimed as “one of us” if he once penned a tribute song to Wisconsin?

Dylan was 20 years old when he penned the song, but never gave it a title.

The song is full of cheesy love, including a reference to “Wow Wow Toaster,” which stumped the people at the auction house that puts the hand-penned song up for auction starting Thursday, Madison.com reports.

It was, apparently, a reference to the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa.

“It’s in pretty good condition,” Michael Kirk, an auction manager, tells the paper. “I’m a music fan, and there’s a sort of energy when you hold a piece like this. It’s powerful to hold.”

Bidding starts at $30,000.

You’ll have to come up with your own music to go with it.

(via Madison.com)

1. Wisconson is the dairy state
I guess you all know well
I was in Wow Wow Toaster there
The truth to you I’ll tell
It’s milk & cheese & cream
I’ve known ’em all my days
I’m going back to my hometown I’m leaving right aways

2. I’m a heading out Wisconson ways
2000 miles to go
Madison, Milwakee set’s my heart aglow
I’m a coming to that dairy state
My heart’s a beating fast
I’ll jerk my banjo gently there
And twiddle my mustache

3. There’s thoughts I left there long ago
One a coming now it seems
I’ll tune my banjo than the hills
And feast on milk and cream
And stamp my foot all thru the grass
And never know a care
My homes in Wow Wow Toaster
And I’m a going there”

”1. These people with you city ways
Are driving me insane to drink
My home’s in Wisconson it’s a better place I think
I’ve been in California
My home’s in Wisconson
And I”m gonna own the town”

  • Gary F

    Prediction for 2018

    There will be a horse in the Kentucky Derby called Wow Wow Toaster. And a ska/reggae band that will have a singer called Wow Wow Toaster.

    • Zachary

      The off-brand knock-off being sold via infomercials will be the Sham-Wow Wow Toaster.

      • Gary F

        Toaster covers, the next “My Pillow”.

  • Jeff C.

    “I’ll jerk my banjo gently there”

    What? That makes no sense. Nobody “jerks” a banjo, and, if you did, you don’t jerk something “gently”. Looking at the original text, I think he actually wrote:

    “I’ll pick my banjo gently there”

    • Rob

      If he did mean to say “jerk my banjo,” it lends itself to lascivious interpretations…

    • Postal Customer

      It’s a word he liked to use.

      I was sleepin’ like a rat

      When I heard something jerkin’

      There stood Rita

      Lookin’ just like Tony Perkins

      • Jeff C.

        Not this time, though. Both the word he crossed out and the word he wrote have a “i” in them – you can see the dot above the “i”. He wrote “pick”, not “jerk”.

        (And if anyone says I’m wrong I’ll just tell them that I didn’t really mean it, thus all the quote-marks. Or are they “quote-marks”?)

  • Zachary

    As I was reading that, I could hear Bob’s gravely croaking.

    Next, I’m going to read in in Wade Goodwin’s voice and see if it changes the song any.

  • Rob

    $30,000? Take off! A dollar is as high as I’d go.

    Though I do think the “twiddle my moustache” line elevates the song above cheesiness. I just hope the Wisconsin Tourism Board doesn’t use Dylan’s ditty in any of its promotional efforts.

    BTW, I think a better ending line would be “Any day now, any way now, I will eat some cheese.”

  • Jack Ungerleider

    A quote from Arlo Guthrie (in reference to the Motorcycle Song) seems oddly appropriate: “I knew it wasn’t the best song I ever wrote…”

    • Rob

      But consider the genius of the song’s goofy yet great rhyming refrain: “I don’t want a pickle, I just want to ride my motorsickle.”

      • Jack Ungerleider

        Its the rhyming of the “I don’t want a die” line that is the true classic. 8^)

        • Rob

          Just wanna ride my motorcyyyyyy-cle.