Delta trolls United

Delta Airlines’ social media department one-upped United Airlines’ beleagured team over yesterday’s refusal by United to allow girls with leggings on a flight.

Delta’s dress code states “if the attire is appropriate for a revenue passenger to wear, then a non-revenue passenger can wear the same attire.” The exception is Delta’s Sky Clubs, where non business attire is not welcomed.

United allows its customers to wear leggings, but draws the line at passengers who are flying free under the company’s benefit to employees.

  • crystals

    A+ tweeting by Delta.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve seen A LOT of non-business attire in the Sky Club (leggings included). I have a membership and had no idea that was even a thing.

    • I’ve been in the Sky Club with jeans…

      Then again, I wear jeans and a Henly shirt at work ALL the time so as I call that “business attire”.

      /Art guy…

  • Jeff

    FWIW a few years ago I saw a male Delta employee get kicked off the plane for wearing shorts. The FA told him he was inappropriately dressed and boom he was out of there.

  • Renae

    I once saw two young ladies wearing bikini tops and long skirts denied boarding on a Southwest flight. #Vegas

    • joetron2030

      Because it was supposed to stay in Vegas?

  • Rob

    Never thought I’d say anything nice about Delta, but here goes: Good on ya!

  • Bonnie

    What is wrong with people. We have a very nice office space. Right now there is a middle aged man in the nice reception area with his feet on the coffee table. A middle aged somewhat plump gray haired woman just strode in wearing brightly colored spandex leggings ( and not a long top with them). The way people dress in public is appalling across the board in my opinion.

    • >>Right now there is a middle aged man in the nice reception area with his feet on the coffee table.<<

      This has nothing to do with attire.

      It does, however, have everything to do with respect of other's property and the lack thereof.

      • Sandcat

        Uh, of course it does. The man is clearly described having no clothes on. Although the OP didn’t display his shock, it must be because he’s Dutch 🙂