Couple doesn’t let pub closing stop first-date tradition

From the “Ain’t Love Grand” department:

Kris and Mike Gutierrez, of Menomonee Falls, Wis., had their first date in 1994 at John Hawks Pub in Milwaukee. And because love is grand, they go there every March 25th to celebrate what a first date can beget.

Every year, they had their picture taken in the booth, through good hair and bad.

Alas, love is forever, but pubs come and pubs go and last October, the joint closed down.

The Milwaukee Journal’s Jim Stingl wrote about their plight last fall and the building owner read it and vowed he would not stand in the way of love. So he let them rip the booth out and take it home.

They had to remake some parts of the booth and they resized it a bit to fit in their basement.

“We just need to paint, cut the table and attach, cut the cushions, and have someone re-stretch our carpeting because we removed some carpeting and put tile that looks like wood under the booth. It looks pretty good. We tried to make it look as close to what it was at John Hawks, down to the molding,” Kris writes Stingl today.