Champlin player gets to live every kid’s last-second dream

The only way today’s state basketball tournament Class 4A quarterfinal between Chaska and Champlin Park could have been any better is if Chaska had won.

Champlin Park lives the good life. The team is undefeated this year and while Chaska, with a 24-5 record and a 16 game winning streak, is no slouch, it was most certainly the underdog today. We like underdogs.

Chaska held an 8-point lead at halftime but great teams tend to get breaks and tend to answer their own prayers.

This is a prayer from Sam DuBois.

“I saw Theo tap the ball out and, at first, I was running to it to make sure they didn’t go down and get an easy layup,” he said. “I caught it and put it up and it fell. Even when you’re a little kid, shooting into a trashcan, you think ‘5-4-3-2-1’. You never think it’s actually going to happen, though,” DuBois told the Star Tribune.

“I’m really glad the high school league added a consolation bracket because these guys didn’t deserve to end their season that way. They deserve to get out there and battle again tomorrow,” Chaska coach Dana Kallman said.

The second half of the game is available here.

  • Gary F
  • Jeff

    I’m glad they didn’t have to peel him off the floor after that pile up.

    • Mike Worcester

      I understand the exuberance of his teammates, but sheesh, don’t hurt the guy! 🙂

  • Mike Worcester

    Vids like those never get old.

    Two thoughts: Is he really left-handed, or was that part of the desperation of the shot; and did anyone notice the three referees high-tailing it off the court as the pig-pile took place?

    • Ralphy

      Having been on the other end of the last second winner, I can empathize with the kids on the losing team. At the time, it hurts more than getting blown out.