At the midnight hour, people welcome a ship to Duluth

Of course, the coming and going of the big ships is part of what makes Duluth a special place.

But there’s another reason, as shown by Thursday night’s (or Friday morning’s) arrival of the Baie St. Paul: At midnight, people still show up to watch the lakers arrive, and that deep-throated salute between a ship and the Aerial Lift Bridge is a welcome sound no matter the time.

  • Mike Worcester

    Why did I suddenly start humming Wilson Pickett? 🙂

    • Jerry

      I would think it would bring Otis to mind more?

      Edit: on further review, we’re both right.

  • Barton

    Why is it these videos always put a big smile on my face? I turned up the volume and scared a few co-workers as the call and reply of the horns happened.

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!