After airborne crash, man makes himself at home in Alexandria

Apparently, locking your doors at night isn’t a big thing in Alexandria, Minn.

But after the Alexandria Echo Press story about a man who drove his car off an embankment, flew over 210 feet of open water, and came to rest on the ice of Lake L’Homme Dieu, it might not be a bad idea.

It’s a miracle James Sundby, 38, of Wadena, Minn., survived the crash. He waded through water after his flight, and needed a place to warm up, the Echo Press reports today.

“My dad said he was awoken from him (Sundby) pounding on the door saying, ‘Let me in, I need to warm up,'” Chan said.

Rather than let Sundby in, Chan’s father called the police for assistance.

By that point, Sundby had gone on to another house and entered it. Homeowner Andy Armstrong said Sundby had been there an unknown amount of time before awaking him.

“I was awoken by the bedroom light being turned on,” Armstrong said. “He was in my house and had been there some time. My TV was on and he’d flipped through the channels because it wasn’t on the same channel as when I went to bed. The living room lights were on, kitchen lights, bathroom lights, he even took his shoes off when he came in the house.”

The homeowner asked Sundby to leave; he did.

The Echo Press says alcohol and drug use isn’t suspected.