1,000 Words: The woman on Westminster Bridge

A woman at the scene of this week’s terrorist attack in Westminster is finding out firsthand how fake news works.

Photographer Jamie Lorriman took this photo of a Muslim woman on the Westminster Bridge as people came to the aid of a victim.

Photo: Jamie Lorriman

The Internet took it from there:

Lorriman, who was obviously at the scene, tells the Guardian that people spreading it maliciously are wrong.

“Looking back at the pictures now she looks visibly distraught in both pictures in my opinion,” he said. “She’s in the middle of an unfolding horrific scene… I think her expression to me says that she’s horrified by what she’s seen and she just needs to get out of the situation.

“We were all being told to clear the bridge at various stages, so it’s not unreasonable to think she’d been told to leave the bridge at some point just like everybody else.”

“The look on the woman’s face, she’s horrified, she’s in the middle of a traumatic situation. She probably just wanted to get off the bridge.

“I feel so sorry for the woman in the picture. If she’s seen this, she must feel awful,” he said.

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Sometimes, all the words are wrong.