10-year-old’s fight against brain cancer ends

If you’re not careful, the extent to which life is inherently unfair can knock you down so hard that you don’t want to get up.

Logan Schoenhardt’s story is like that.

His story got plenty of attention when ESPN’s E:60 told his story of his brain cancer and his love for football. It’s a game he never could play, but he was a fan of a guy who plays it pretty well.

Shortly before he underwent his sixth brain surgery in seven years, he asked his surgeon to engrave Tom Brady’s #12 on the side of his skull.


That sort of thing is the kind of thing big superstar athletes notice.

“Keep fighting like you have been your whole life,” Tom Brady said to him in a video. The two would meet at a game in December.

“He is a special young man. Just to have a chance to know his story has been very humbling and certainly gives me a lot of perspective, and certainly all of us a lot of perspective on the very difficult challenges a lot of families face, and certainly that he has faced,” Brady said after meeting him.

“It’s very tough circumstances, but he has showed a lot of courage under some very trying circumstances, so it was great to get to meet him. He’s a sweet young boy.”

Eventually, there was nothing more doctors could do. So his parents had to tell him he was going to die. He’s 10 years old.

“What’s the message you have for your mom?” the ESPN reporter asked him.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

The young man died last night.