Subway riders erase the hate

What do you do if you get on a New York subway train and finding swastikas and hate messages scrawled everywhere?

In a post on Facebook on Saturday, Gregory Locke, an attorney, said you look uncomfortably at each other, and then get to work.


“The woman across the car saw me looking at the graffiti, asked me if I could do something and offered a tissue. That’s when it clicked that sanitizer would work,” Jared Nied, a chef at a Manhattan restaurant, tells CNN.

By the way — in case you need it at some point — a dry-ink marker will quickly remove Sharpie marker ink.

  • Jeff C.

    Love trumps hate!

    • Jack Ungerleider

      In this case I would say, “Chemistry trumps hate!”
      Mostly because many who would engage in such graffiti seem to hate science as much as “the other”. 8^)

      • jon

        Chemistry trumps Sharpie.
        Love trumps hate.
        Lizzard trumps Spock.
        Rock trumps Scissors.
        And so on in that manner.


  • MrE85

    Shalom, NYC commuters!

  • Mike Worcester

    Far too often I hear people lament “But I’m just one person, what difference can I make?”

    Exhibit A, right here.