SpaceX delivers

History tells us that the day will come when a rocket returning to earth and landing gently will not impress us much. Today is not that day, however.

Today is definitely not that day.

  • Noelle

    The fact that the rocket took off from Earth and came back to the same area – in *under nine minutes* – completely blows my mind. Amazing.

  • Matt Black

    The day as yet to come where I’m not impressed by a rocket leaving Earth. I hope it never comes where I’m not impressed by one gently landing upon it.

  • jon

    I have to admit I’m less impressed now than I was the first time it happened.

    Though I still want to watch one of these launch/ground landings in person.
    I’d love to be there when the falcon heavy manages it’s first launch….
    I’m speculating that since it won’t have any payload for it’s maiden flight that they will attempt to bring at least two of the three cores back to cape Canaveral, simultaneously… The third might be to far down range for a land recovery and try for a barge…. but with no payload it might still do a land recovery a few minutes after the first two…. That would be amazing to see on a clear day.