Remembering the Bowling Green massacre

Kellyanne Conway’s citation of a massacre in Bowling Green — a massacre that didn’t ever happen — has certainly spawned a fair amount of head-scratching and jokes on the Interwebs.

For sheer brilliance in response, we’re going to say this is what wins the internet today.


The Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund website says:

We all still carry the vivid memories of what horrors occurred at Bowling Green, but some still relive those moments everyday as they work to rebuild a community torn apart.

The link to donate to the fund goes to the ACLU.

Second-prize honors for winning the Internet today goes to…

As an aside, the U.S. House has voted to overturn a rule designed to prevent the severely mentally ill from buying guns.

The rule was implemented after the Sandy Hook Massacre, in which a mentally ill man shot and killed 20 6- and 7-year-olds and six adults.

That massacre actually did happen.

  • John O.

    *drops mic*

  • Jerry

    She’s just channeling her inner Bluto:

    “Was it over when the terrorists attacked Bowling Green? Hell no!”

    “Bowling Green?”

    “Forget it, she’s rolling”

  • Kassie
    • rallysocks

      Oh, jeepers! Thanks for posting this–i needed the lol

    • Al

      It’s okay. Douglass is being recognized more and more. Maybe he’ll address the Bowling Green massacre, too.

  • >>That massacre actually did happen.<<

    And there are still deniers about Sandy Hook…


  • MrE85

    Only a thorough and complete investigation of Hillary Clinton’s missing emails can tell us what role she played, if any, in the Bowling Green Massacre.

    • Veronica

      There’s about 20% of the US population saying that exact thing right now and mean it.

  • rallysocks

    //”This is a slap in the face for those in the disabled community because it paints all those who suffer from mental disorders with the same broad brush,” said Republican House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, as reported by USA Today. “It assumes that simply because an individual suffers from a mental condition, that individual is unfit to exercise his or her Second Amendment rights.”//

    As the mother of a kid in the *disabled* community, I hang out with said community a lot. As insightful, weirdly wise or intelligent as any of them are, gun ownership for them gets a hearty no from me.

    Guns are by their very nature dangerous, killing tools. If a person with developmental disabilities wants and can learn to plink away at some targets in a supervised setting, have at it. But ownership and the responsibility that goes along with it is just a bad idea–for that individual. Most of them are very vulnerable and the vulnerable often don’t make good decisions. There’s too much to go wrong with horrible emotional ramifications for them to carry should their weapon or they somehow are responsible for the injury or death of someone else.

    And, again, as the mother of a DD child and being pro-gun control, it really cheeses me off that this community would be used as a means to make the case for less gun ownership restrictions. The thing that really upsets me after incidents such as Newtown is that strong 2A-ers and the NRA complain loudly and longly about how ‘restrictive’ the extra checks and balances would be to the poor put-upon responsible wannabe gun owner. I’m sorry, but if your desperate need to own a gun means you can’t be bothered to fill out some extra forms or wait a few extra days for the benefit of us all, then you have some serious issues. If your waiting a few days trumps the death of children…well, I don’t have any words for that.

    • Kassie

      Adding on, the same people who want to make sure people with developmental disabilities have the right to gun ownership want to also take away their other rights, like the right to public education or the right to live in the community.

      • John Erving

        “right to gun ownership want to also take away their other rights, ”

        They do?

        Like who?

      • rallysocks

        as well as cutting services…it’s frustrating

    • Jerry

      What bothers me is the intellectual dishonesty of the arguments. We always hear that it is not the gun that it is the problem, but the person behind it. But whenever there is any attempt to make sure the wrong person doesn’t get a gun, they oppose the legislation.

      • John Erving

        “they oppose the legislation.:

        Like the ACLU opposing such reasonable gun regs?

  • MikeB

    One example where Twitter is very entertaining. #neverremember tweets

  • Mike Worcester

    As I noted to someone earlier today, this is the 2017 political equivalent of the 1990s Sinbad movie that everyone seems to think they saw but does not actually exist.

    And here is how the folks in Bowling Green are taking this.

    • MrE85

      I have a lot of 1st hand experience in misspeaking, but I see no believable way you get from “terrorists” to “massacre.” There was a time saying something like this would cost you your job at the White House. Like a month ago.

      • BJ

        15 days ago…

  • KTN

    “That massacre actually did happen”.
    Yeah, but it was a white guy – so it’s cool for the Republicans to justify

  • John Erving

    Using a faux tragedy to raise money for the ACLU?


    • Jerry

      No, crass would be profiting off a real tragedy. This is clever.

      It’s not like the ACLU were the ones to make up a tragedy for political gain.

      • Dan

        But think of the poor fictional victims.

        • Jerry

          I do, everyday

        • John Erving

          Like the fictional beneficiaries of Obamacare?

          • wjc

            Don’t feed the troll!

          • Jerry

            Damn, didn’t know I was fictional

          • Dan

            You can just say “I’ve got nothing”, it reads pretty much the same, but more honest.

          • Kassie

            Wait, if both my parents and my partner are fictional, what does that make me?

          • kevins

            All 20 million?

      • John Erving

        But is it not a ironic parody then of what the Left does with actual gun violence?

        • KTN

          What exactly does the left do with actual gun violence. Enact a law prohibiting some from obtaining a firearm – oh the horror. Of course, the feckless Republicans and the jihadists at the NRA will justify reversing the ban because somewhere, someone was not allowed to legally purchase a gun. That person can certainly then just go to a gun show, and with no paperwork, buy a gun. On foul, no loss.

      • John Erving

        Like the real tragedy of Iraqi terrorists posing as refugees in Kentucky, buying a lotta real weapons?

        I don’t see how that is an appropriate topic for satire.

        • Jerry

          There is a real difference between a massacre and law enforcement doing their job.

          • John Erving

            Not too much difference between a massacre and the Iraqi terrorists in Kentucky disguised as refugees amassing weapons to carry out a massacre!

          • Jerry

            except for the point the end result was the exact opposite of what Conway was saying? Sure.

            “Remember when law enforcement stopped those would-be terrorists and no one was killed? What a tragedy!”

          • The difference being a massacre in Bowling Green vs. there not being a massacre in Bowling Green. The men’s involvement in terrorism wasn’t planning an attack on Bowling Green. It was sending money to the Mujahadeen.

            But, yes, in this current weird age where facts simply don’t matter , there’s no difference to anything. Anything is real; you just have to say it is.

          • John Erving

            “But, yes, in this current weird age where facts simply don’t matter , there’s no difference to anything. Anything is real; you just have to say it is.”

            That’s true.

            –if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan
            –if you like you doctor, you can keep your doctor.
            –the Benghazi raid was caused by a youtube video
            –you will save $2500 on premiums per family under Obamacare
            –director Comey said my answers were truthful (Hillary)

            Weird age indeed.

            “It was sending money to the Mujahadeen.”

            Well that certainly would console the intended victims of the Mujahadeen! Or the fact that the 2 “refugees”/terrorists/immigrants in Kentucky admitted to have engaged in combat AGAINST US troops in Iraq. That’s really the point of Conway’s errant tweet, right?

          • It wasn’t an errant tweet.

            And if you want to learn about the situation, here’s the indictment. Because you’re really not sure what you’re talking about right now and you’re not really that good at disguising obvious trolling.



          • John Erving

            Call the tweet what you want. A quick dictionary check will include errant as “straying from a proper course or standard”–a factually inaccurate tweet surely does stray from the standard or proper course expected of a spokesman!

            If you read the indictment, you will see that the Kentucky Two were not just “sending money to the Mujahadeen.” In fact, they weapons were intended for Iraq, not the Mujahadeen. The actually purchased weapons, not just raised money.

            The DOJ at sentencing:


            There’s no mention of money or weapons for the Mujahadeen.

            It’s clear that you’re in a defensive/argumentative mood, so I’ll take a break. I’d suggest the same for you.

          • It. Wasn’t. A. Tweet.

            C’mon, man. Step away from the keyboard for awhile, will you?


          • John Erving


            She was obviously “errant”, wrong. misguided, full of vitriol, whatever…in an interview….

            She soon corrected herself…with a tweet or whatever. She was wrong regardless of where it originated!

            Will you correct yourself about the Kentucky Iraqis sending money to the Mujahadeen (sic)?

          • KTN

            She doesn’t appear to be filled with vitriol, just shit (like her boss, and his followers).
            I do get a kick out of people who when shown they don’t have a clue, respond with “whatever”. Man, that’s some word play. Good on ya.

          • Look, I don’t have time to moderate here and hold people’s hands through simple facts because they went to the “‘Whatever’ School of Public Discourse.” Facts matter here. We can disagree on perspective. This is a pretty serious forum for serious people who want to discuss policy and issues, and who know the factual foundations of them.

            If you’re not informed, then get informed and THEN come here and post. But don’t waste our time. Get with the game or go post on YouTube somewhere . This is a pretty high-calibre forum when it comes to knowledge.

            Now, here again, is the relevant part of the indictment.


          • //There’s no mention of money or weapons for the Mujahadeen.

            You didn’t post (nor read) an indictment. You posted a press release. Read the actual court documents.


          • Sam M

            Read the transcript or listen to what she actually said. Her claim that she misspoke doesn’t fit. Her characterization of what Obama did is the most egregious part in my opinion.

          • My favorite was excoriating the media for not covering what didn’t happen.

          • kevins

            You are kidding…really? Aren’t you?

        • Jack Ungerleider

          By its nature most political satire is “inappropriate”.

  • Jerry

    I’m done, because I don’t want to be the cause of Bob closing the comments this time

  • Heb Ienek

    Personally, reading the mirth on various websites, I think Kellyann has done a real public service.

    I forgot who said it, but I recall the axiom that laughter is a great tonic.

    Here’s to hoping a hearty laugh will calm the left down enough to stop setting stuff on fire, busting windows, looting and beating the snot out of folks. I’m sure KellyAnn would agree; she’s a good sport with very thick skin.

    • Don’t ever change, Fred. You crack me up. So, yeah.

      • Rob

        I wondered who Heb really is; clearly an anagram name. Suspected it was Fred, so thx for confirmation.

        • It’s an unmistakable and unique style.

          • Rob

            True – unfortunately so.

          • He makes you elevate your game.

    • Rob

      // a good sport with a very thick skin. // That’s certainly a unique description of the Krony Kapitalist Kakistocracy’s Chief of Kommunications.

  • KTFoley

    Oy. Ten days until pitchers and catchers report for spring training.

  • jon

    Ah Americas Best massacre. No one died, no one died the AG, nothing happened at all, other than our counter terrorism efforts working as planned.

    And the White House wants less of these kind of “massacres”

    This should be a warning sign… But we’ve already go through so many of those…