Our front-runner for next year’s Super Bowl halftime: Prince

From our Because It’s Friday, That’s Why Department:

The Star Tribune speculates today on what singers might be headlining the halftime show when the Super Bowl makes a stop in Minneapolis next year.

Undoubtedly, were he still alive, Prince would get the gig, though it would be hard to exceed his performance 10 years ago tomorrow, the greatest Super Bowl halftime show in history.

Music critic Jon Bream gives the nod to Taylor Swift, with Bon Jovi — a New England Patriots fan, so the NFL will never let it happen — close behind.

None of the audience suggestions are any better — mostly tired, somewhat safe acts. The kind that get selected for Super Bowls.

One, however, hits on the most intriguing possibility that makes an astounding amount of sense: a holographic Prince.

Why not?