Meteor lights up Midwest sky

Judging by the relative silence in the area, Minnesotans didn’t see the meteor that streaked across the upper Midwest sky around 1:30 this morning.

[Update: Former Wyoming Minn., mayor Sheldon Anderson says he saw it around 1:25 travelling east from Zimmerman, Minn.]

Plover, Wis., did.

So did Chicago.

A camera atop a building at the University of Wisconsin in Madison also captured the meteor.

It cast a lovely glow on Oshkosh.

(Video link)

The American Meteor Society says it’s received almost 200 reports of sightings as of this morning.


It said the meteor travelled southwest to northeast.

  • MrE85

    I saw a fireball a few years ago. Memorable.

  • JC Lindquist

    I saw it from my condo in downtown Minneapolis (at 1:24am on my clock) — and actually sent out a tweet last night (riveting, I know). It was eerie, though.

    • MrE85

      My tweet from Nov. 4, 2015 “See (sic) over Twin Cities at 5:45 am, a large fireball that ended in a burst of green light. I’ve seen meteors before, but nothing like this.”

  • Bob Sinclair

    Man, who is UP at that time of the morning?? Let me see a meteor at 2 in the afternoon thank you.