January 23, 1945

Over its life, the Internet has been very, very good to NewsCut and/or the people I write about often.

It’s helped reunite photos with their owners when a tornado ripped open a home, solved the identity of a faded war picture, helped find lost dogs, brighten up a lonely vet’s last days, and, of course, solved the mystery of whatever happened to a giant plastic turtle head. Noble causes all.

When you invite the Internet to “do that thing you do,” the Internet generally does it.

So, do that thing you do, Internet, and find people who were born on January 23, 1945.

Janelle Nivens has posted tweets and Facebook posts in her search for the last couple of days but hasn’t yet explained why.

Here’s why.

She writes:

janelleI’ve always loved my birthday. It’s not just the cake, cards, and messages on my Facebook wall. I love telling people the date of my birth. Born on January 23, 1976, I always answer people with a cheerful 1-2-3 when asked for my birthdate. I also like pointing out that I’m a “Bicentennial Baby.”

As great as I think my birthday is, I’ve always envied people who can say they were born on 1-23-45. For the past few years, on my birthday, I’ve wished I could get to know someone with that birthdate. I’d love to find out if they got a special thrill in writing out their birthday on forms. I’d ask them if they have special birthday traditions or if any particular birthdays stood out more than others over the years.

I’ve decided to make this a project and unleash the power of the Internet to find my birthday twins. By my birthday next year, I will write an article about the people I’ve met through this project. Though I’m particularly interested in people born in 1945, I’d love to talk with people born any year on January 23.

Help me find my birthday buddies! Share this with your co-workers, friends, parents, and grandparents! Anyone with a January 23 birthday should email Janelle at birthdaybuddy123@gmail.com to start a conversation.