Dogs get the heave-ho on White Bear Lake

There may be no more dogs soon at White Bear Lake’s dog beach.

The Park Advisory Commission is recommending closing the beach, White Bear Press reports.

Matoska Park’s dog beach, between Sixth and Seventh Streets, has been canine heaven in the summer since 2007, but some residents have complained that there’s more space for dogs to swim than there is for humans, especially since the lake water is rising again.

“We looked at the main use of Matoska Park and it became apparent that the size of the space initially set up for the exercise area was too small,” Park Advisory Commission Chairman Bill Ganzlin said. “The first priority given the small amount of shoreline is marina use and, secondly, the swimming area. We voted to recommend to the council the dog exercise area be discontinued.”

He says the city has two other dog parks with access to water.

The City Council will vote on the recommendation on Feb. 28.

  • FreeJeffDubay

    The people who live across from the dog park have worked hard and invested sweat and tears to live there and to have “you people” with your dogs splashing around infringes on their right for the pursuit of happiness. Its bad enough they have to watch “you people” while they sip their mint julips walking along the path.

    Ok, In all seriousness a resident pretty much said this. I did add the Mint Julip portion.

    • Joseph Suess

      There are a few, shall we say “Stuffy” people living around that part of the lake…My dog ‘Baxter’ will love to poop in their yards instead of at the beach… We’ll just walk a little farther to get our exercise…. “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood..”