Classmates share the love in Sioux Falls school

There are plenty of people in the world who will scoff at what a fourth-grade class in Sioux Falls is doing to boost a little self-esteem and get the kids in a positive way.

There are plenty of people who think making people feel special is a weakness.

These are the same people who spend their days changing their voice and saying, “Who’s a good dog? You’re a good dog!” to their dogs, who have no clue at all what any of it means.

The idea to try the same approach on humans spread into the classroom at the R.F. Pettigrew school after the faculty participated in the Spread the Love project this week. People face away from the white board while colleagues write positive messages about them. Then they’re invited to turn around and look .

“They don’t know who’s writing it,” fourth-grader Natalie Gardner told the Argus Leader. “But they know one of those words was from you.”

Of the many ills, facing the country right now, too much positivity isn’t one of them.

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