1,000 Words: The first day of spring

The ground hog gets far too much attention for predicting spring. It’s not even good at it.

This is better.

Today, the first baseball team — the Cleveland Indians — reported to spring training.

It’s spring, groundhog. Winter is over.

  • Matt Black

    The Tigers start tomorrow and my Old English D flag will be flying. I’m looking forward to another great summer!

    • Bob Sinclair

      Please fly it at half staff in honor of Mr Illitch. Thank you.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    Yesterday’s Strib had a Spring Training Preview for the Twins. In one of the articles that talked about optimism for the coming season one of the reason provided was “It’s almost mathematically impossible for the team to do worse than the 103 loss season of last year.”

    The Twins have a low bar this year and some cover for the beginning of the season as the local scribes and talkers will be focused on the Wild, hopefully until June. So if they start poorly, but not record setting poorly, they’ll be part of the update but not the focus if the Wild can go deep into the playoffs. (Most of the aforementioned scribes and talkers will be trying to determine when the Wild will fall flat on their soon to be ice covered faces.)

  • Mike Worcester

    Not to come across as too sappy, but this means my lovely bride and I are that much closer to our wedding — we are getting married at Target Field during a game. 🙂

    • Rob

      Jumbotron romance!

      • Veronica

        Again. Killjoy.

  • Rob

    Winter isn’t over, at least not in MN. That’s why “spring” training has to take place in places like AZ and FL

    • Veronica


  • tboom

    Looks like Twins pitchers and catchers” reported today and have their first workout tomorrow. Of course the key word in the phrase “pitchers and catchers” is “pitchers”, I expect another long season.