1,000 Words: A tribute to Bill Paxton

Storm chasers headed to “tornado alley” on Sunday to honor Bill Paxton, the actor who put them on the map when he starred in “Twister.”

So, after hearing of his death, they put him on their Stormscope map by coordinating their locations.

Each dot is a storm chaser’s GPS.

  • Mike Worcester

    The “game over man” memes have been fun to see, but sadly nobody yet has come up with one involving my favourite character of his — Chet. I don’t think anybody could have better delivered his signature line involving a greasy pork sandwich and a dirty ashtray.

    Now, if you really want to see Bill Paxton in a great role, rent Traveller. Then if you are a horror movie fan, watch Near Dark. Two of his lesser-known films, but standout performances.

  • Rob

    British Petroleum?

    • jon

      When you think about natural disasters, think BP.

      Sure it might not be great press, but it does distract from the man made ecological disasters.

  • Anna

    I have Twister and Apollo 13 in my movie collection.

    I took my son to see Twister when he was 10. He loved it.

    I’ll have to watch “The Hatfields and McCoys” on Netflix. I heard about it when it first came out.

    Have they said exactly what surgery Paxton had? It’s unusual for an adult to die in surgery unless it is an emergency surgery for something like an abdominal aortic aneurysm or a head injury.

    He was not very old but it seems many baby boomer actors have had terminal illnesses in the last year.

  • Zachary

    One of my favorites. I know him mostly from Aliens and True Lies, but A13 is also a great movie of his.
    He was one of the few people to go up against an Alien, the Terminator and a Predator. (spoiler – it doesn’t end well for him in all three).