The joy of the backyard rink

We all probably have different definitions of luxury but for a kid like me, who grew up having to trudge through the woods across the street to get to the “hockey pond,” a backyard rink certainly qualifies.

So we salivate just a bit at what Shawn and Laura Carlon has done at his home in Maple Grove.

Oh, it’s not just a rink; it’s a show.

  • That’s pretty cool.

    /No pun intended

    I have a buddy who has a mini-rink in his backyard…warming house with wood stove heat and 2 beer taps…

    I think I need to start practicing for the pond hockey tourney I’m playing in…

    • John

      he has everything in his yard that I need, and a skating rink too!

  • Al

    My father cleared a space on the lake for my daughter so she could learn to ice skate. I tell ya, kids these days have it pretty nice…