Snowmobiles to school

A lot of schools were delayed or closed today because of the weather.

The poor weather didn’t reach Wadena in central Minnesota, where it was 2 degrees at sunrise.

It didn’t matter.

  • rallysocks

    2 thumbs up!

  • johnepeacock

    Growing up just across the MN border in WI, Wintertime saw more snowmobiles than cars in the school parking lot. Easily, 50/day.

  • jon

    In the Upper Peninsula, there are plenty of bars with a highway and car parking in the front, and a snowmobile and snowmobile parking in the back.

    On some snowmobile trails you’ll even see billboard type signage along the trail for various snowmobile parking friendly businesses.

  • Gary F

    Nice! I even saw some on the Highland National Golf Course in St Paul a couple of weeks ago.

  • Bob Sinclair

    I can only imagine what those students will say to their grandchildren about how hard they had it…

  • Gary F

    Do they still have “drive a tractor to school day” during homecoming in the rural schools?

  • Anna

    Better yet, strap on a pair of cross country skis and undo all that chair time playing video games.

    Takes longer but accomplishes a lot of other things besides getting to school.

    • Al

      I’m sure they would, if they could devote all that time to skiing to school (especially in Greater Minnesota, where travel times exponentially multiply) instead of cramming homework before and after.