Keeping resolution, man spends every day packing food for the hungry

If you want to feel like a slacker then proceed through the link to Boyd Huppert’s story on Danny Pham, who not only believes in making New Year’s resolutions, but keeping them.

He promised to spend every day in 2016 packing food for Feed My Starving Children.

Tomorrow, the organization will honor him for doing exactly that.

“This is the first time ever I’ve gone through with my entire New Year’s resolution,” he said. “I knew that this was a bigger cause than myself.”


(Video link)

  • Robert Moffitt

    Saw this before I went to work. Kids these days! After I retire, I may pack a few packets. It’s near my house.

  • Zachary

    Much props to this guy. Everyday is quite the commitment. FMSC is an amazing organization – and the packing is a fun experience. I’ve done a few – at one of their facilities and the mobile packs that they do. Absolutely worthwhile.