How not to keep your DUI quiet

Here’s a pro tip from upstate New York: If you’re arrested for DUI and you want to keep it on the down low, don’t buy up all the newspapers in the area carrying your mugshot.

Photo: Wayne County Times.Joseph Talbot, 43, a bank vice president in Newark, N.Y., was picked up late last month when driving erratically.

After being brought to a state police office, he refused to give a breath sample and would not let troopers take his fingerprints or photo, saying he didn’t want to end up in the local newspaper, the Syracuse Post-Standard reports.

That earned him additional charges after the state police tried to tell him refusing would only make a bigger story in the paper.

His mugshot and story of his arrest appreared in the local Wayne County Times this week, so Talbot went with Plan B.

He bought up all the newspapers he could in town.

That was enough for the Associated Press to distribute the story and mugshot and spread the story nationally.