Former president badly beaten by poncho

If we’re going to make America great again, maybe we can start with getting rid of rain ponchos.

Poor President Bush. He was the latest victim of the design at Friday’s inauguration.


Oh, yes. We’ve seen this before, my fellow Americans.

  • crystals

    Loving Dick Cheney in the background, totally unfazed, and GW’s grin.

    • Rain ponchos have made puddles out of lesser men.

    • MarkUp

      Shame on him for not offering his 10-gallon hat to the former president!

    • Jerry

      I think Cheney is used to looking on as GW fumbles

    • Gary F

      Cheney wearing a good looking lid.

      • Heb Ienek

        Suits him.

  • Zachary

    Those darnable plastic ones – no better than a bargain brand hefty bag. I have a nice Cabela’s one that suits me nicely.

  • Jack

    Obama’s hair looks like it is getting whiter in each subsequent shot. Just saying.

  • Will

    Dozens of people die of this problem every year, thanks Bob for making this public service announcement. Sure, laugh now but you’ll be sorry when this happens to YOU!

  • Rob

    Looks to me like Dick “Waterboarding Rocks!” Cheney is trying to smother Dubya with the poncho…

    • Heb Ienek

      That is pathetic.

  • Gary F

    “Is that a Mexican poncho or a Sears poncho?”

    F Zappa.

    • Rob

      And don’t eat the yellow snow

  • Gary F

    Lots of great photos from yesterday. Just the look on Hillary’s face tells you what was on Bill’s mind.

    • We go from “lock her up” to “I have a lot of respect for these two.”


      • Rob

        But we know the latter statement is insincere, and was put in his mouth by the speechwriters.

      • Gary F

        Donald was a big Dem and contributer to the Clinton Crime Syndicate, he’s gotta throw then a bone once in a while.

        • Rob


      • Heb Ienek

        Tweets from media peeps inform us many in the the crowd still thinks she should be locked up.

      • rallysocks

        I was fully expecting a bolt of lightning to strike DJT down right then and there. I am using the fact that it didn’t as one more strike against there being a God. Or perhaps his sense of humor is capricious and there will be a DJT smiting when we least expect it.

  • Mike Worcester

    Is it just me, or wouldn’t ya think that at a ceremony like this, they would have handed out decent rain ponchos rather than ones which looked like they came from the discount bin at the dollar store? Aren’t there ones with the presidential logo or something? This was the inauguration after all.

  • Anna

    Isn’t there a warning about keeping plastic bags away from children? Sorry. Just a little online humor. : )

  • MrE85

    I love his expression on the final frame when he gives up, realizing the whole incident has been captured on film for the world to see.