Did you lose a pig?

Surely someone would notice if their pig was missing, right?

Not, apparently, in Albert Lea, Minn., where police were called to a neighborhood this week when a pig appeared.

This pig.

The pig, which wasn’t all that interested in being caught, was taken to the Freeborn County Humane Society where officials were required to wait five days before doing something with it.

“We’re all scrambling a little bit to try to figure out what to do and how to keep him comfortable. So right now he’s in a dog area, he likes the dog beds. He thinks they’re pretty cozy, so he’s got a blanket and a dog bed and he seems pretty happy,” Christa DeBoer of the Humane Society of Freeborn County told KIMT TV.

It appeared to be someone’s pet, which would be illegal within the city limits of Albert Lea, but nobody claimed it and time’s up.

On Sunday, it will be sent to foster care in Isanti, Minn.

  • BJ
    • Well played, sir.

    • Jerry

      I don’t think that joke is kosher

  • Moffitt

    My email rejected this post as Spam.

  • rallysocks

    Y’all are a bunch of hams!

  • John

    free range bacon!

  • Khatti

    Actually farm livestock are the easiest sort of animal to lose. If you have five hundred pigs in your care it’s easy to see how you wouldn’t miss one if it got loose.

  • Tom in Eagan

    Bob, could you clarify the name of the Humane Society spokesperson? Is it DeBoer or DeBoar?

  • I, for one, am sick and tired of ham-fisted responses to curing this mess. It’s just a pork in the ribs to think that some swine would lose their beloved family pig.

    This makes me so angry that I want to chop the owner in the jowls when I think of such baconian measures that the humane society may employ. Some may see this message as just plain spam, and that may sausage your fears, but stories like this make me want to spit.