Bridge building doesn’t stop for a Minnesota winter

Remember last spring and summer when you were heading for the cubicle farm in a stuffy office and you thought to yourself, “Man, those folks who have outside jobs have got it made!”?

They might be thinking the same thing about your job today.

These workers installed the final girder set on the new Highway 53 bridge in Virginia, Minn. It’s a long way down in slippery conditions. It’ll be the tallest bridge in Minnesota.

(h/t: Paul Tosto, Kevin Gutknecht)

  • Gary F

    Steelworkers gotta buy their undies one size bigger to have enough room.

    • Boy, you’re not kidding.

    • Kassie

      I don’t understand, please explain it to me. I mean, it could mean one thing, but that thing would be sexist and would not acknowledge the 20% of United Steelworkers who are women, so I doubt you meant that.

      • Jerry

        I’m sure he means they (men and women) have large glutes from all the heavy lifting they do.

        • Gary F

          Yep. The gals are tough too. You couldn’t pay me to do that job.

  • MrE85

    If I ever do the Mt. Iron Earth Day event again, I’ll have to check this out. #InRange

  • Anna

    One of my close friends grandsons did repairs on radio and cell phone towers.

    He decided to give it up when he got engaged.

    These guys definitely earn the big bucks they are paid and then some to do bridge construction and in icy winter conditions no less.

    Acrophobics need not apply.

  • Kassie

    I have never wished to do manual labor outside. I’ve known too many people who have had to do it and I know how hard it is. At least steelworkers are compensated appropriately. Lots of outdoor work, like roofing, is not.

  • Tyler

    I used to work outside, doing sound for live events (mostly concerts). It was never nice. It is never “nice.” It’s usually too windy, humid, rainy, cold, sunny, snowy etc. During the summer, when the DJ says “It’s a nice 82 degrees” I was usually sweating. You usually got about 10 days a year where it was “nice” to work outside. Give me a roof every day of the week, and climate control as a bonus.

    • Will

      Yep, I helped with my father with a few carpentry jobs in the dead of winter when I was younger, that was enough to make me want a job indoors with heat. Although the summer days weren’t so bad the one summer I got to move 2×4’s and large sheets of plywood, sure I was sweating most of the afternoon but those mornings where it was still 60 degrees out were pretty good.

    • Ben Chorn

      Yeah I worked for over 2 years in the oil field in North Dakota- can agree. Although I would take -10 degrees in North Dakota over having to be in a chemical suit in 80 degrees in North Carolina any day

  • Mike Worcester

    On my daily commute I’ve been watching the construction of the Hwy 24 bridge over the Mississippi River near Clearwater. While not to the scale of the 53 bridge, it’s been fun to watch grow. These last couple of weeks, the steel girders have been placed also. Impressive to see happen.