1,000 Words: The paper retweet

Today, Sen. Bernie Sanders printed out a tweet — you can get them on your computer now — and went to the floor of an empty U.S. Senate chamber where he put it on an easel, so it would show up on television — which you can also get on your computer now — where the folks watching at home could capture screenshots and then post them to Twitter.

This, no doubt, all seemed perfectly normal to the United States Senate.

  • Of course he did…

  • Gary F

    Oh wow, Bernie is still around.

    • Brian Simon

      That’s the same thing I thought when I saw Rand Paul & Ted Cruz mentioned today. No word so far on Jeb!

      • Gary F

        Rand Paul has been around and Ted Cruz will be your next Supreme Court Justice, but Jeb Bush? We may never hear from him again.

        • chris

          I think we need to wait for a president popularly elected by the people before we can fill the vacant seat.

  • Brian Simon

    It seems to have been an effective strategy.

  • blindeke

    It’s just a series of tubes, bob.

  • Sergio Robert Andrade Jr.

    Welcome to the future!

  • Anna

    Considering Trump doesn’t trust computers, I think Bernie Sanders is on to something.

    USA Today, Jan 1, 2017

    And economists predicted courier jobs would disappear in the next ten years. Not at the White House.

    But wait. Courier service is not in the White House budget.


    Trump also doesn’t email or surf the Internet, either. He just has others do the emailing and the surfing for him. The NYT, WP, WSJ, etc. won’t be closing down their printing presses anytime soon. Trump will keep them in business because he only reads hard copy.

    I hate to break the news to him but Twitter accounts can be hacked, too. So much for not revealing our plans to Russia.

    I guess they are going to need to move a few more filing cabinets into the West Wing and a teletype machine, too.

    To all the 70-somethings who resist using computers: You’ve got an ally in the White House!

    • DavidG

      Ans, as has been pointed out: The US tracked down Bin Laden’s location via his couriers.

  • Jeff C.

    What’s wrong with this? Bernie had an important message to get across. Was he just going to read Trump’s tweet and cross his fingers that people believed that he was actually quoting Trump? Was he going to ask people to stop listening to him, go to their computer and look up the tweet himself? Was he going to stop speaking on the floor and retweet it? He was just controlling his message and not relying on technology that can fail in favor of a poster which won’t fail.

    • I’m pretty sure I accurately pointed out the irony.

      • Jack Ungerleider

        I guess I’m with Jeff on this. Until the Senate chamber is equipped with a projector for members to attach their computers to (maybe it is, but I haven’t seen evidence of it) then the most effective way to present his point was the way he did.

        • You guys are totally missing the irony. It’s the circle of the life cycle of the tweet that’s the story. It’s not the fact he printed out a tweet.