Why winter stinks

Minnesotans have no right to snicker when it comes to the difficulty of driving in snow. We saw your morning commute this morning, Minnesota.

But there’s something about cars sliding into each other that’s even more impressive when it happened this morning in Montreal, a city that knows its snow.

  • MrE85

    I have seen similar scenes on that hill right behind the Capitol building, on University Avenue. I used to work right there. The things we would see outside our window.
    It wasn’t easy on foot, either. I had to go uphill from parking lot to my office. I fell every single winter, often hard. One woman fell and broke her leg on that hill on her first day at work…at a hospital.

    • Rob

      Did you start wearing Yak Trax?

      • John

        Those things are great on snow/ice, but if you come across bare pavement – beware – they are so slippery on clear concrete.

      • Robert Moffitt

        No, but that’s a good idea.

  • Gary F

    Summit Avenue going east and west at I think Cleveland The iciest stoplight in town. Right by U of St Thomas. It will be glare ice for 4-5 car lengths before the crosswalk. Never salted or sanded enough.

  • Jack

    I figured it was going to be bad when the snow plow went by laying salt as I backed out of the driveway this morning. That was confirmed as I got close to work on Country Road J and saw a pickup that appeared to have tangled up with a tree or telephone pole and was off the road (as well as two other vehicles that were witnesses or ???).

    I never feel bad driving slow on days where the roads are less than stellar.

  • Postal Customer

    I’m gonna assume the pickup driver at least tried to put it in R and tried to floor it. It worked for a friend of mine once anyway.

    • Postal Customer

      Course, insurance might not cover a hosed transmission, but it would cover a collision 🙂

      • Alex

        Would it hose the transmission? It’s not like the tires have too much to grip on. I could see some damage, but would it be catastrophic? (Seriously asking; I don’t know much about car repairs)

  • Rob

    IMHO, winter in the upper Midwest stinks for lots of reasons, but the only Minnesotans with snickering rights are those who actually remember from year to year how to drive safely on snow and ice.

    Ahhh, the Caribbean is soooo nice in January and February…

    • Kassie

      I know how. You have your partner bring you to work in the morning and take the bus home in the evening. Works every time!