To the people who live life with their lives

Daniel Alvarez, our pal who kayaked once from the Northwest Angle to Key West, then turned around and paddled back, has been providing more inspiration over the last few months, though I haven’t given it anywhere near the attention it deserves.

Daniel, a former corporate lawyer in the financial world, gave it all up years ago to find some life in life.

His latest trek is a hike from the very northern tip of Europe to the very southern tip of Europe.

He reports today, he can see the Alps approaching.

My goal for 2017 is to be more like Daniel Alvarez, and write about more people like him.This book I got for Christmas on hiking the Appalachian Trail might come in handy someday. Someday.

Follow his trip on his blog, Predictably Lost.

  • kay smith

    I do follow Daniel, thanks to you, Bob. I hope he gets into warmer weather soon.

  • Matthew Schneider

    Bob, I hiked 240 miles of the Superior Hiking Trail this year. It is a wonderful trail, much closer to home than the AT and the others. I met many people along my journey, from day hikers to through hikers, young and old. On the first two days, I met some young through hikers, one just starting, and a couple just finishing. Somewhere in the middle there, I met a retired man from St Paul hiking it solo from South to North 5 days on and 5 days off.

    It is a great way to disconnect, and yet every day I ran into someone along the trail or at camp.

    I find myself already thinking about next year; I might take a week to hike the 64 mile Border Route Trail along the North side of the BWCA.

    If you need to get out and connect with nature and some interesting people, I think you might find that Minnesota has some worthy trails.