In Edmonton, family has a purple Princemas

Being a Catholic, Cecilia Latorre, of Edmonton knows it’s sacrilegious of her to set up a little nativity scene in her home featuring Prince. “But it’s important to me,” she tells the CBC.

She’s a Prince fan, you might have guessed, and the network reports on the “Purple Christmas” she’s providing at her house.

Prince was my lifelong passion and, when he died this year, I was devastated. So I told my kids we would be having a purple Christmas, because that was Prince’s favourite colour.

At first they weren’t impressed. My son said the idea was pretty cheesy. My daughter said, “Everything purple? Really?! The house is already purple enough!”

But I insisted. Because Prince was my everything.

Now we have a purple Christmas tree with purple snowflakes, purple bows and purple ribbons. We made a purple wreath and hung purple mistletoe with a little Prince symbol underneath it. We went on the hunt all over Edmonton for purple stockings and hit up a lot of Walmarts. So now we have seven purple stockings, one for every member of the family including Paisley the cat.

Listen to her interview here.

  • wjc

    I’m just gobsmacked!

  • Zachary

    Not being a Prince fan myself, I don’t get it. But, I know people who are fans of “something” and go all-out in decorating with “something”. This is awesome, go for it. What else are you going to do in Edmonton? Visit the largest indoor maul in North America?

  • Anna

    I know people who can’t stand the Green Bay Packers.

    I wonder what they do at Christmastime?

    A 60’s style aluminum tree? I hear they are coming back into style.

  • Bob Sinclair

    To me, its another reminder of all of the gods we set up in our lives.